1. Get involved with coalition of Food & Water Watch, Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline and Berks Gas Truth.  

2. Attend Public Meetings:

3. Organize in your own neighborhood

4. Write letters to the editor

5. Say NO to surveyors who arrive on your property. 

6. E-register your comments with FERC – the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – Docket number PF15-1.  There is pdf a handout attached here (156 KB)  that can explain the e-register process as well as the steps to follow in the future to participate in the application process.

The most imporant thing for you to do is to connect with other people in this movement.  We are engaged in an uphill but not impossible battle to not only move this pipeline out of our backyard but make sure it doesn't get moved to someone else's back yard.  Educate yourself and your neighbors and join Food & Water Watch on November 19th in Bath.