Word has reached us of people receiving offers from PennEast or their affiliates for right-of-way permissions.

Before you Sign:


You may have been told if you do not sign that PennEast will take the property by Eminent Domain/Condemnation.

From a negotiating standpoint, you may not  get the best price unless you are demonstrably indifferent to a condemnation proceeding. You should make that abundantly clear to the landman or fossil fuel corporation in order to extract the best written offer they can, before opting for a condemnation proceeding. That is the best, the most straightforward advice any real estate professional could give a landowner because, at a minimum, you  will have one of three good outcomes:

  1. The landowner will get more money for their land via a condemnation proceeding- on average, 80% more based on a recent university study, Cost of Condemnation.  (Click Here to Read)
  2. The pipeline may go somewhere else – if enough landowners resist, forcing serial condemnations.
  3. The pipeline project may be abandoned – if enough property owners refuse to sell.