Pipeline company contractors have been trespassing seemingly at will for over a year. They have entered landowners’ property without permission --even when the landowner was away from home. They have drilled for core samples without permission. They have surveyed with helicopters when they couldn’t get access by land. Landowners have felt like they are the targets of an invading army. 25% of the impacted homeowners in Carbon County have refused to allow PennEast/UGI access to their land. Unfortunately, the company has, in many cases, ignored their wishes and their rights. We are urging homeowners to put up “no trespassing” signs which SAVE CARBON COUNTY will provide at no cost.

Impacted Carbon County property owners gave a presentation at the Carbon County Commissioners' regular meeting on Thursday December 10, 2015. They spoke about what the pipeline will do to their property. Some of their homes will become uninhabitable. They have all refused offers from PennEast/UGI to buy their easements.